Hi! I'm Tom.

Student. Freelance IT. Running round the tube. Talking online about tech, trains, video editing and gaming.

About Me

I'm 18 and an A level student from London. Studying takes much of my time, but outside of that my greatest passions are technology and travelling. I manifest these passions through videos I produce, posts on my blog, and in shorter bites through Twitter. I also do freelance IT teaching and troubleshooting in the London area, and help with a small web services and hosting group, Anything Tech.


Not quite a full portfolio, but here you can see some of my projects, work and activites. A more detailed breakdown of work experience and other projects can be found on my LinkedIn.

Anything Tech

Bespoke server and hosting solutions, ranging from web hosting to managed content distribution services. Formerly tech video production.



Website editor and host for a local youth charity. Hoping to redesign the site in the future.

Young Enterprise - SPKR

Young Enterprise archive folder linked. Designed an award winning website to promote and sell a bluetooth speaker. Also coordinated social media.

Young Enterprise - ClickBoard

Archive folder linked. Director of Online Presence - Editing and improving the promotional website.

Tube Challenge

Pround owner of tubechallenge.co.uk. Made an attempt for charity and assisting attempts by others.

tom.kell.me.uk Blog

Tom Kell Blog

Blogging about the projects I get up to and places I go.